We have been breeding horses for over 20 years. The first foals were born in 1994. Due to various circumstances, we finished collecting the basic female material only just in 2012. In addition to mothers selected from our own breeding, we also have mares purchased from the best European lines.

We register foals in OS, Zangersheide, Holstein and PZHK associations. It gives us a lot of freedom in choosing both mares and stallions used in our breeding.


In order to be up to date in the European breed, we attend  all breeding and sporting events to countries leading in this field: the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Everyone has their own vision and subjectively evaluates a horse, so it's easier to choose  stallions to our breed  by see them or their offspring on live. The contact with people creating modern horse breeding is also invaluable.


From 2013, All horses of our breed have "Red Wine"  in their name.

HK Red Wine